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Mahad-al-Zahra Alumni was established in 2016/1437H by the first graduating class of Nisaab Mahad-al-Zahra USA. The Holy Quran brought us together as a uniting purpose, but its blessings have taken each of us on a unique path to becoming who we are today.

Bringing these enterprising, young graduates together to meld and impart their perspectives in not only the Quran and its teachings, but how to be an exemplary Mumin in today’s day and age was our founding creed. 

Each graduate of our program has been enriched with the infinite wisdom of the Quran, but also with the advice and examples of his/her upperclassmen, and it is these lessons that make us who we are today. We aim to return that favor from those who taught us, to those we can teach.



Mahad Alumni is not just an organization to maintain relationships, but an avenue to help the new generation of students in their efforts to create a better tomorrow, to foster in mumineen all across the world the passion we share for the memorization of the Quran, and the application of its teachings to our lives, and to be an emblem of faith as a cross-cultural, innovating, and patriotic people.


We believe in understanding and capitalizing on the crossroads of our traditional faith, and the contemporary world we live in, instead of treating these as inherently different ideas. Our Imam Ahmed A.S. has proclaimed: “Our religion is more than just prayer and fasting: seek prosperity in both the spiritual world and material world.”

Welcome Our Newest Members!

Behlul Bhai Halfal is the first graduate of the Mahad-al-Zahra Los Angeles Program!


Online Tehfeez


With the raza mubarak of Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin (TUS), Mahad Al Zahra USA Alumni started the Alumni Elearning Program, to help mumineen memorize and understand the Holy Quran. We've helped full-time working parents, young children, and everyone in between get closer to their hifz goals. Come be a part of the program today!

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Stories of the Quran

Together, let's discuss different qisas (stories) from the Quran, and learn how great leaders from the past inspired, led by example, and created a culture of acceptance and unity that persists millennia later. Learning from our history helps to solidify our actions in the present and teaches us who to be in the future. 

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I will always be very grateful for my Musaid because he encouraged me to not put all of my other responsibilities and school life on hold for Hifz. He taught me to balance my life properly, and I never felt unhappy or over-stressed.

Alumni Online Tehfeez Program Graduate 

Sanad Obt. 1441

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The janab's determination to my individual journey made me who I am today. They stuck with me through the ups and downs, and taught me to stay positive no matter the outcome. That "never quit" attitude, is why I'm Hafiz today.

Nisab Mahad-al-Zahra Graduate (Class of 1441)

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